Active Skills

Active Skills was founded by educators, Mrs. Deirdre Hawkins and Mrs. Chu Thi Van Anh in 2018, known as a community-based center for personal and interpersonal skills development. 

Active Skills is a community-based center for personal and interpersonal skills development to support teenagers to grow their mindsets, develop their academic and social skills, broaden their knowledge, and improve their attitudes in an actively confidently English-speaking environment. The aim is to assist students in becoming active global citizens to live meaningful happy lives in the future.

Active Skills is a supporting space to develop individual specific journeys for each student in speaking English confidently. This is done by creating practical experience working environment through mobilizing their own assets, parents, schools, civil organizations, and global networks together for social changes and social justice.

Our Values

  • Assisting students in discovering their own talents
  • Respecting individual differences and equality
  • Understanding individual students’ traits
  • Motivating and inspiring students to reach their potential
  • Engaging students in collective social activities for personal and interpersonal development through experience opportunities given

What makes us different?

  • Developing knowledge, academic and social skills, mindset, characters and English 
  • Tailoring individual learning journeys
  • Offering community service programs
  • Organizing culture exchange programs
  • Building local and global connections
  • Publication and Podcast 
  • Counseling and mentoring in collaboration with parents 
  • Actively experiencing with student-led projects
  • Self-study community, actively tutoring, coaching and mentoring to support each other

Our students’ achievements

After graduation from Active Skills, our students will confidently enter universities with a good foundation of academic and social skills, English proficiency, and knowledge. They will also have undertaken personal experience in real life and build character and personality, leading to a successful future.

Our team

Chu thi van anh
Founder of Active Skills


Do Thi Anh Tuyet
Programme Coordinator


Deirdre Hawkins
Co - founder of Active Skills

Academic Director

Brian McCaffery


Nguyen Thu Huyen
Operation Manager


Eoin Managhan